Quick Appliance Service has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998. We specialize in repairs, replacements and installations of refrigeration and heating systems, air conditioning, water heaters and other appliances. Our company strives to deliver a high quality customer satisfaction with our friendly and fast service.
Some of the services we provide:

  • Air conditioning
  • Air handlings units (Heating & Cooling coils)
  • Packaged units
  • Split Systems
  • Rooftop units
  • Variable Air Volume Control
  • Room Air Conditioning
  • Economizers
  • Evaporative Coolers

AIR CONDITIONING is a refrigeration system used to cool, dehumidify, filter, and cleaning the air in the building. The effect is to produce comfortable conditions for the occupants.

The body temperature is closely controlled at a temperature of 98.6° F. The proper functioning of the body is dependent on constantly maintaining this temperature.

Our technicians have the knowledge to calculate the loads and select the right equipment to match it.

To obtain the highest performance of your Air Conditioning our technicians give special attention to the following and make adjustments where necessary to the system.

Refrigerant charge
Temperature drop over the coil
Capacity of the system
Adaptability to local conditions


- Room air conditionings are semi-portable
- Console type through the wall conditioners are permanent installation
Dehumidifiers are use to extract moisture from the air
- Single package conditioners are complete self contained factory built unit, for permanent installation, to condition larger spaces than smaller spaces
- Split systems
- Rooftop conditioners are similar to single package conditioning except that they are thoroughly weather-proofed and provide for duct access at the bottom of the unit.

Split systems
Are connected with one unit inside the building this is the coil with the fan; the other coil goes outside the building, and we use refrigerant piping to connect between the two.

Where the furnace exist (electric or gas) and the size of the ductwork is adequate, a cooling coil may be added to the discharge side of the furnace.

Coils are supplied for up flow, horizontal, and down flow furnace systems.

LOW Energy Bills 
Only Happen When . .
The Condenser
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Evaporator Coil
HeilGasFurnace.jpg (14600 bytes)
 Line Set 
ARE MATCHED & PROPERLY SIZED For Your Home & Installed Correctly.
P E R I O D 


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In our installations of condenser units we use a concrete slab to provide a solid foundation to minimize movement due to ground heaving. Otherwise an unstable fill may settle sufficient to place stress on or even break refrigerants lines.

Few considerations to locate the unit are:

Noise (sound effects on the home and neighbors)
The length of run for refrigerant line
The actual available space
The aesthetic effect on the home or landscaping


RESIDENTIAL add-on split systems range from 1 ton to 5 tons
COMMERCIAL there is a wide range of applications in both markets using the same product; however, above 5 tons the applications becomes distinctly commercial, and the unit designs use different components.

PACKAGE UNITS contain all the components are included in one assembly.

These units have the fan and coil (heat or cool). There are two types:

  1. Fan coil units systems consist of room units that are supply with hot water or cold water directly from central plant boilers and chillers. Each of these units has a fan, coils, filter, a fresh air supply, and a control system.
  2. Central station systems use one or more large air handling units equipped with fan, hot deck and cold deck coils. We use accessories and duct work to convey the conditioned air to remove areas.

We use it to control the amount of water vapor within a given air space. There are four benefits in maintaining the proper humidity in the occupied space:

  1. Health
  2. Comfort
  3. Preservation
  4. Energy conservation

QASC recommends to all customers to choose the best company to do the job.
Good installation practice depends on the company
Good maintenance keeps the equipment running in its original efficient manner.


QASC is giving Proper Air Conditioning and Heating Advice to Customers since 1998.


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