Residential & Commercial Water Heaters

Quick Appliance Service has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998. We specialize in repairs, replacements and installations all kinds of gas, electric and propane water heaters. We also specialize in Energy Saver models.

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Straps are very important to install in every water heater to protect against natural disasters: Earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Every water heater should have two straps.

QASC can adjust your water pressure for your home; high water pressure is harmful to plumbing and appliances.
These symptoms are frequently cause by excessive pressure in your water system that results from your water heater and high water pressure:
Relief valve leaking
Banging pipes or noise
Short life of the water heater
Running toilet
Leaking faucet


We use to force the flow of a certain quantity of liquid against the pressure drop of the system.

Residential & Commercial
— All Makes and Models

Water Heaters
  • Rheem
  • GE
  • Whirlpool
  • Brodfordwhite
  • State
  • Hoyt
  • American Standard
  • A.O Smith Water Heaters


It is place in the piping to permit the expansion and contraction of the water volume. We installed it in the cold water line.

Air must be eliminated from the piping system. We installed AIR VENTS. Even if the system is free from air when filled, air can enter by the heating of the water during operation.

The air is compressed when the water volume expands and the air expands when the water volume decreases.


1) The diaphragm or bladder tank, the air is removed from the system through a float vent
2) The air cushion compression or Conventional tank provides adequate pressurization for all fluctuation of the water volume.



If your unit is leaking, follow the manufactures instruction or try this:
1) Close the gas shut off valve, it is next the water heater
2) Close the cold water valve.
3) Call us to repair it.
After you close the cold water valve in your water heater you still have cold water in your house.