Air filters are available for units that are permanent, disposable, and reusable. Some filters have a very low static which will allow the maximum free air flow through the filter while providing a minimal amount of filtration. For occupied spaces where allergens, pollen, and mold are a concern, filters with a finer mesh are recommended (HEPA filters). Filter thickness is usually 1 in for residential systems.

Air contaminants are of many types, including dust, fumes, smoke, mists, fogs, vapors, and gases. As the mechanical filter clogs with dirt, airflow is reduced where the cooling coil will freeze, causing the compressor failure or not cooling. In a heating system, dirty filters can cause overheating and reduce the life of the heat exchanger or causing to trip the high limit switch. QASC recommend changing or cleaning the filters at least twice a year, before winter and before summer. In some areas of higher use, filters may have to be replaced or clean every 30 days. QASC offer to the customers regular schedule maintenance in residential and commercial HVAC-R

There are three ways of rating:
1) The efficiency is determined by using procedure set up be ASHRAE
2) The Resistance is measure with a manometer. The gauge on the instrument indicates to change
3) Particulate Holding Capacity is the length of operation

Follow the manufactures instruction or call to QASC:
1) Turn off the thermostat
2) Turn off the main electrical
3) Close the gas line
4) Marked the order of the covers
5) Remove the covers
6) Remove the filter
7) Find the filter size (buy or wash it)
8) Install the filter
9) Put the covers back
10) Turn on the electrical and open the gas valve
11) Turn on the thermostat (heat or cool) to check the unit operation

MECHANICAL FILTER is typically describe a fibrous material commonly called a throwaway or replacement type which comes as standard equipment on forced air heating and cooling units.

Furnace filters

PERMANENT OR WASHABLE FILTER consists of a metal frame with a viscous impingement type of filter material supported by metal baffles with air passages. These filters may be removed, cleaned with detergent, and dried.

washable hvac filter

ELECTROSTATIC AIR FILTERS is highly recommended to install in your heating and cooling systems.
These filters use the precipitation principle to collect airborne particles, these can be: Ionizing plate, charged media non-ionizing and charged media ionizing.

electronic electrostatic filters

ULTRAVIOLET LIGHTS (UV) is used to sterilize the air in duct systems. UV lights will kill mold, fungus, bacteria, and any other living organisms if the light is intense enough for the airflow. These lights have been popular in hospitals and now are available for residential and light commercial. These UV are located in the plenum where they sterilize the air before it enters the room.

Furnace Filter Brands
Complete selection from that manufacturer.

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