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Quick Appliance Service has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998. We specialize in Refrigeration, Heating, Air conditioning, Water Heaters, and Appliances. Our technicians are certified to do the repairs, service, replacements, installations, and maintenance.

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It is designed to keep the factory performance and maintain the equipment so that its life expectancy can be extended as much as possible. In this rutting can also be detect components that are near the end of their useful life so that can be replaced before they fail. QASC offer services to our customers on emergency service (ES) or preventive maintenance (PM)

It means you need to call a company service to go to fixes your equipment when your unit is not operating correctly. The repair may be minor or major. The repair will be made and the equipment placed in operation as soon as possible.
QASC is offering same day service and our appointments are two hours window.

It means that your equipment is schedule to be checked out, clean, and service. We set the appointments for your HVAC before summer and winter. The reason is you can be comfortable in the hot season or cold season.

The customer is quoted a price for regular scheduled maintenance inspections only. Service calls for repair will be an extra charge for both labor and parts. Doing PM does not guarantee that the system will operate without a breakdown.

The advantage to the PM customer is that your equipment will be inspected and maintained regularly for top performance, we recommend twice a year or depends in your type of system.

These inspections prevent equipment break-downs in peak periods.

The maintenance is great benefit to the customer for the following reasons:
1) Priority service over customers who do not have a contract.
2) The regular maintenance keeps the HVAC-R equipment operating at peak efficiency, fewer breakdowns, and lower operating cost.
3) Prompt service for replacements of parts
4) Our technicians become more familiar with your system, we will have the record for next time of service.
5) Maintained equipment last longer than no maintained equipment because it operates in the designed ranges.

parts and labor warranty

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In the PM we service the following:

1) Fan belts
2) Wash the filter or replace
3) Gas pressure
4) Flame color
5) Heat exchangers
6) Carbon monoxide
7) Fan speed for
    the new units
8) Air supply and
    return air temperature
9) Check controls
10) Clean the blower wheel
11) Tighten electrical connections

1) Wash the filter or replace
2) Clean and flush condensate drain pans
3) Clean the drain lines
4) Check the drain water pumps
5) Check the operating temperature
6) Clean and wash the outside coil
7) Check the refrigerant charge
8) Fan speed for the new unit
9) Measure the superheat
10) Check the sub-cooling
11) Clean the inside coil (evaporator)
12) Check controls
13) Check the amperage draw of motors

1) Check the refrigerant charge
2) Check the electrical connections
3) Check the crankcase oil heaters
4) Clean the evaporator and condenser coils
5) Check the superheat
6) Check the sub-cooling
7) Check the amperage draw of motors
8) Pressures measurements
9) Check the fan blades

1) Check the water pressure after your water regulator
2) Check the pipes connections for leaks
3) Flash the water from the tank and refill it
4) Check the flame color
5) Check the gas connector for leaks


We use an alkaline (not acid) cleaner to remove the grease and dirt found in the refrigeration equipment.

We Specialize In HVAC-R & Appliances

Our service call is $ 45.00, if Quick Appliance Service does not do the job. However, if Quick Appliance Service does the job, you will only have to pay for the parts and labor. Taxes will be added on parts when the job is done and sometimes we will charge you freight, disposal, recovered, recycled, reclaimed or other expense. Before the job is started you will be given an estimate on the price by one of our technicians in writing or speaking with you.

The customer that calls our office or authorize adult needs to be present when our technician arrives your premises and able to give payment when the job is done. Please secure animals (dogs) before the technician arrives and during the work. Thanks!

The HVAC-R and APPLIANCES run efficiently when you do maintenance to your equipment; that way you can save energy and save money too. Get a planned of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE now from Quick Appliance Service. No matter what model or make you currently have whether it is routine, maintenance, repair or service call, we will put our technician to work for you. Call right now to set up an appointment at (650) 333-5145

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